Na een korte ALV werd de film “At the Edge” van Marit Noest vertoond. De film gaat over de gevolgen van de storm Sandy voor de kustregio van de Amerikaanse staat New Jersey. Marit was te gast bij onze bijeenkomst en heeft de film nader toegelicht.

“At The Edge is a short documentary about the future of the New Jersey shoreline after hurricane Sandy. What happend during Sandy and more importantly: how can we prevent it from ever happening again? What kind of coast do we want? Who is responsible for the changes that are needed? Climate adaptation is not new – the knowledge and expertise is present, what is keeping this area from developing a resilient, climate adaptive shore? How do we move forward and not just rebuild back what was there before the storm? These questions will be addressed in At The Edge. “

Zie “creatingattheedge” om te zien hoe deze film tot stand is gekomen.